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The Eagle Chess School runs FREE  camps/classes for the underserved kids in the metro Atlanta area. The camps/classes are taught by Ingrid Guo and IM Arthur Guo, and are usually on weekends, during holiday breaks and Summer.

Many of the kids in our camps are from low-income families with limited resources for their kids to pursue extracurricular activities. We aim to attract more girls to attend our camps, and we will also offer girls-only camps.

We have been offering camps since the chess school was founded in early 2018. Our partners include local libraries, churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. If your organization is interested in adding our FREE half day/one day chess camp as a value added service to your existing offerings, please let us know!

How to Attend a Camp:

Want to be considered for one of our camps? Our upcoming  chess camps will be listed below after all the details are finalized. Please bookmark this page for your future reference.

FREE CHESS CAMP Liability Waiver Form

FREE CHESS CAMP Media Release Form

FREE CHESS CAMP Emergency Contact Form

One of our recent camps was the After Thanksgiving Camp at Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North, click for flyer

Weekend Classes:


Classes are offered on the third Saturdays (2 - 3PM) at a local library (location posted two weeks in advance), no registration is needed.

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